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Age/DOB:19 (12/11/1985)
Location:Sarasota/ Ft. Lauderdale FL
Gender:Male (though it can be disputed)
Hobbies/Interests:I live for music, the arts, and literature. I'm really into deep theory and
thinking. I love learning about cultures and religions, too.

Status [Single/Taken](pics if taken):Taken... but I'm afraid I don't have any pictures as of yet. Maybe soon? :D

3 unique things about you:people in my class thought i was female for the first day or so. i don't believe
in ghosts, ufos, entities, or urban legends, and i can write with my feet -grin-

Bands/Singers:The Faint, The Birthday Massacre, AFI (guilty pleasure), Radiohead, The
Unicorns, VHS or Beta, Le Tigre, At The Drive-In, Placebo, The Cure (I can go

Food:Lebanese food. Mmm.. Tabuli, dolmas, pita... mmmm... And italian, of course! I
love eggplant parm!
Drink:I'm a big tea drinker. So i really like black teas and chai

TV Show/Series:I don't watch a lot of TV, but I like extremem makeover home edition when its
on. I watch nick at nite a lot! I love all in the family, roseanne, fresh
prince, and the cosby show
Sport:I'm not a big sports person. the only one I can watch and have it hold my
attention is basketball.
Movie:Harold and Maude, The Breakfast Club, Contact, Short Circut (sentimental
reasons), Patch Adams, The Bird Cage (I love Robin Williams)

Books:The Vampire Chronicles, Contact, Cosmos, The Brethren, Runaway Jury, Parallel, A
Breif History of Time, The Elegant Universe

Authors:Anne Rice, Carl Sagan, John Grisham, Noam Chomsky, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking,
Brian Greene

Pick at least two to write about.
Drug/Alcohol use:
Gay Marriage:this one directly affects my future) The idea of marriage has been around since
man has been intelligent enough to be verbally social animals. Because we are so
intelligent, man seeks partnership and belonging. We are so intelligent, in
fact, that we are able to feel the emotion of love. The social need for love is
absolutely natural. The want for same-sex partnership is also natural and is
common in many cases among all intelligent species of animals (for instance,
dolphins, cats, primates, and canine have all shown large amounts of homosexual
instances). As society as grown, we have given birth to the idea of marriage. In
history, marriage was the union between two people, not male and female
necessarily. For historical instance, emperor Hadrian of Rome was wed to another
male and society found nothing odd about this. It wasn’t until the rise of
abrahamic culture did marriage become the union between man and woman solely.
And now society has focused a male and female union as the only morally correct
choice. This is naturally and historically not true. It is something that has
mislead the western world for centuries now and now that we understand the
manipulation of the culture, we can change it and we should.
Pre-marital sex:Sex is another issue that has been tainted by abrahamic religion. It is a
natural, wonderful thing that is just as necessary to life as recreation. Sex is
something needed by the body and is not something that should be shunned or
hidden or suppressed. If it is done safely and responsibly, sex should be
something embraced. Marriage is not necessary for sex, but safety is. Sex should
be something that everyone can enjoy.
Death Sentence:
Bush Administration:
Plastic Surgery:
Animal Testing:

Make us laugh:img src=http://www.queenmichelle.com/albums/Funny/TickedKitty.jpg>

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Also, a 50 x 50 picture for the info page.
This means NO bigger and NO smaller, and above all NO other dimensions, unless you want to be squidged
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